The Project, that is called „Natur-Kulinarium – the touristic and training-oriented development and realization of new experiences provided by the gardens and the cultural landscapes of the region”, aims at the display of the gardens and cultural landscapes of Western Hungary, Styria and Wien – as well as at their inclusion into the touristic opportunities provided by these regions.

The lead partner of the project is the Ost-Steiermark Tourism Band. As partners on Austrian side participate: Bioforschung Austria, City of Vienna Office for Agriculture and Forestry – while on Hungarian side: Self-Government of Vas County and the West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency. The multifaceted profile of the project partners (like tourism, biodiversity, agriculture and regional development) guarantied the necessary professional skills for the full realization. Owing to the strong and intensive cooperation efforts, the projects substantially contributes to raising the quality of our touristic products, namely of our local natural and culinary products. The project strengthens the cooperation of the sectors, opens to wider circle of guests by developing cross-border attractions and enhances the marketing capacity of the participants to reach new target groups.


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