In the project every activity focuses around the gardens. It includes the flower gardens, the palace gardens, the decorative gardens and scientific gardens, as well as the wineyards gardens, chestnut gardens, and also the Alps meadows. It includes many specific regional nature products and handicrafts of the rich cultural landscape of our Central European region. Our aim is to make our nature and landscape available to all senses of our visitors. Another common task is guard and further our handicraft culture which is rooted in our centuries-long tradition.

The primary target groups are organizations active on the field of tourism, education, biodiversity, nature protection, agriculture and regional development. Our intention is to facilitate the recognition of the exceptional forces lying in the gardens and cultural landscape cultivated by human hands and hearts. We do assist in recognizing these hither to hidden refined force of our gardens and plantation life as the real resource of future developments.

The further target group of the project are the people living in or visiting our region, who receive an opportunity to discover the authentic regional garden marvels of the heart of Central Europe. Our auxiliary target is to enhance the „nature-friendly” hotels and apartments by increasing the guest-nights there, and by increasing the demand for producers of traditional natural products in our region.

There is a database developed on our homepage (www.natur-kulinarium.eu) that is available to all interested parties.

There were many programmes realised in Vas County. The traditional, reoccurring programmes were immensely helped and a new gastronomic festival was born with the assistance of the project. Gardens were created: Chestnut garden, Garden of the roots, Garden of the seasons and the Garden of the Roses.

Service providers were widely informed in the training occasions of the project. The study-competition of school-children involved the important young age groups into this project.


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