Tourist Association of County Vas

TheTourist Association of County Vas (TACV) founded in 2014 is the only regional tourism co-operation of Hungary which all tourism-oriented, competent and non-profit tourism organisations of a county joined. Also the Local Council of County Vas is a member of the co-operation, thus at a national level a unique professional-political competent partnership was formed.

The broader professional background basis of the TACV mean the enterprises comprising the organisations, and the members of the Tourism Conciliatory Forum operating since 2013.

The aim and task of TACV is to improve conceptionally the tourism of County Vas and to judge, coordinate and support the objectives and activities of tourism and regional development.  Besides, it aims to develop, sell and join the modern and competitive products and services of the destinations of the county; it organizes professional (management, marketing, IT) meetings and further vocational trainings; carries out researches and surveys before interventions. It takes part in regional moreover cross-border projects to reach the vision of a tourism alliance whose objective is beside product development also to develop the county which features outstanding assets to a top health- tourism destination.

The elements of the active health tourism in an expanded sense form beside the two spa brands, the also at an international level known medicinal- wellness- and rehabilitation services of Bük and Sárvár, the surroundings of Őrség, Írottkő Nature Park and Mount Ság, the gentle tourism conditions of Hegyhát in County Vas and the cultural- and sport attractions of the historical towns Szombathely, Kőszeg and Sárvár. The experience world of the centuries-old border area is of outstanding importance (medieval fortresses, military roads, Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, Iron Curtain) and the net of Roman-mediaeval legends, religious memories and pilgrimage (Isis, Quirinus, St. Marton, Mária-út). The region is a unique meeting point of different cultures (Slavonic, German and Hungarian) with similar but at the same time greatly different circumstances and offers, thus with the help of a proper strategy this can be developed to an interesting top destination even at an international level. 


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