Bigger events

Fans of folklore meet their expectations here. In February we offer insights into Hungarian folklore with events like the log pulling in Viszák, in spring there is the “Dancing under the May tree” in Körmend. Whit offers a famous and fascinating festival in the Őrség, organised annually, called the “Days of Blossoming”. Nations and Cultures meet in Sárvár at the International Folklore Festival.  

The people of Körmend celebrate one of our biggest national holidays with a water parade. Midsummernight at the Rowing Lake in Szombathely offers music sung and played around campfires. The Savaria Historic Carnival is one of the most famous events called to life recently. The summer is exciting in the town of Kőszeg, too. The Castle Theatre is known all over the country, just like its most famous Siege Days in Kőszeg, reviving the epic battle against the Turks.

The traditional-keeping International Pumpkin Festival and the “Seven meadows country” event, showing the houses of the Őrség, are just two among the numerous programs of the region which has won the international EDEN award the region.


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