Welcome, Dear Visitor, in the western gate of Hungary, in Vas county!

The people living here have been caring a lot about this land, which can be seen in the varying beauty of it. Work, religion and culture have co-defined the history of our county. The existing built heritage and works of the mind show that people devoted their lives to the beauties, when not protecting or farming the land.

Be it the pre-Alpine region or the Őrség, the Vas Ridge or the Kemenesalja, along the River of Rába or the basin of the Marcal River or on the former active volcanic mountains of Ság or Kissomlyó, we can witness that beauty and usefulness have always belonged together in the minds of the people living here.

Where the west meets the southern west, where Alpine slopes dissolve into the valleys of rivers and brooks and rivers, there you can find Vas county.


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