Medical and thermal tourism

Vas County has experience reaching back to millennia on the field of using medical and thermal waters. The spas in the towns of Bük and Sárvár are internationally known, however, in the summer it is worth visiting the spas in smaller villages (Borgáta and Mesteri).

The spas, being ideal places for preserving health, rehabilitation, active and passive resting, have developed in a remarkable way in the last decades.

The Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre is the flagship of our spas and it has become one of the biggest complexes in West Transdanubia and is the second biggest one in Hungary with 32 pools and a water table of altogether 5200 m2. Bükfürdő is a nation-wide qualified place of healing, welcoming its guests with accommodation, ranging from five star golf hotels to private places, and services. The almost one million visitors per year cannot be wrong…

The second, nation-wide known spa is the Sárvár Medical and Wellness Spa, being a member of the Royal Spas Association. The new institution has a water table of more than 5000 m2, covered and open-air pools, offering the joy of family bathing. The sauna world offers aroma cabins, steam baths, as well as inside and outside saunas of different temperatures. The unique Tibetan sound massage helps to restore the balance of body and mind. The use of the thermal crystals in the salt cave, the salt inhalation and the basin therapy makes the spa “stand out of the crowd”.



One of the most favourite places of tourists in the county is the Szombathely Swimming Pool and Thermal Spa, which was renewed in 2006, offering recreation in a smooth and grove atmosphere.

The newest pride of the town of Celldömölk and the Kemenesalja region is the Volcano Spa with eight pools and a water table of 1600 m2, welcoming guests wanting to relax, do sports or convalesce showing the values of the area under nature protection.


The first of our cosy, familiar summer spas is the one in Borgáta in the Somlyó foothills. The seasonal spa near the main road 84 welcomes quests with four pools.

Not far away from here is the second special Spa and Camping in the village of Mesteri. It has an area of 2 hectares and five pools with a total table of 580 m2.

Guests to the Vasvár Szentkút Thermal Spa come from the villages of the valley of the Rába River and from Vasvár and Körmend.

The spa of the future, the pleasant and Mediterranean St.Gotthard Spa & Wellness is a unique one in the spa offer of the county. The covered institute, conveying a tropical beach flair, also has traditional spa elements.


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