Village and active tourism

The accommodation and program of the county on the field of village tourism are almost inexhaustible.

Village and eco farms, as well as potters’ workshops were opened all over the Őrség. The people living here have shaped the country for centuries with their small parcel farming and houses, however, keeping the landscape and preserving its beauty and harmony. Walking among the houses in the region is still a pleasure if one does not pay attention to the houses with special architecture or the potters’ houses in the village of Magyarszombatfa.

The tour routes of the Írottkő Mountain, the cellars in Vaskeresztes and on the Ság and Kőszeg foothills, the press-houses of Cák and Oszkó, the fishing paradise in Lake Szajk, the wild and romantic Rába River, the silent and clear bathing lakes, or the famous Arboretum at Jeli grant a special and unique experience.

Active tourism

The varied landscape and untouched nature attract lovers of hiking to this place. During our walk we can discover all beauties and hidden secrets.

Spring tour in the Kőszeg Mountain: visiting the springs in the mountain.

The Volcano tour covers three former volcanic witness mountains: Kis-Somlyó, the Ság, and the Internal mountain between the villages of Vásárosmiske and Sitke.

During the Rock-tour we can visit and study some interesting rock formations in the Kőszeg mountain.

There are also more and more people also here who choose to explore sights in the closer or more remote surroundings, or just to enjoy the view and feel the scent of forests and meadows. The county offers varied areas to cycle along. The Őrség is visited by the young and the elderly on two wheels, as there are several possibilities to choose from:

Thermal cycling route: Bük – Sárvár –Celldömölk – Mesteri – Borgáta –Szentgotthárd

Vas Mountain cycling route: Bucsu (Catholic church) – Szombathely, Sé (Catholic church, stables) – Torony (stables) – Narda – Felsőcsatár (Maria Chapel, wine cellars, remnants of the Iron Curtain) – Vaskeresztes (Holy Trinity Statue, wine cellars) – Horvátlövő – Pornóapáti (Roman Catholic Church from the XII century) – Ják

Írottkő Nature Park cycling tour: Kőszeg (historic downtown – Szabó-Mountain – Pagans, wine hill) – Cák (harrow wall houses, quarry, wine cellars) – Velem (climatic holiday place, Saint Vid Chapel, water mill, open air ethnographic museum) – Bozsok (Sibrik Castle, chapel ruins)

Ság Mountain – Kissomlyó – Somló cycling route: we are guided along the scintillating Kemenesalja region with natural and built heritage, among the hills of the Somló wine region

Őrség cycling route: Csákánydoroszló – Gasztony – Rátót – Szentgotthárd – Felsőszölnök – Máriaújfalu – Apátistvánfalva – Kétvölgy – Orfalu – Farkasfa – Szalafő – Őriszentpéter –Bajánsenye – Magyarszombatfa – Velemér.

Lovers of fishing are welcomed by lakes and natural waters. Several wild waters in the county offer carp catching possibilities.

Our county is ideal for events, tours on horse and carriage. Our tradition keeping events are regionally and internationally known.


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